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Mohar Mubarik Hazrat Syed Sakhi Zain ul Abideen R.A Sultan ul arifeen

Jhang, Pakistan
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    5 Jul 2017
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The seal relates to a renowned personality who migrated from Baghdad and settled in Shahkot, Multan, in 650 A.H. (1220 A.D).The saint is the father of a famous sufi hazrat syed Ahmad Sultan known as Sakhi Sarwar ra, Lalan wali sarkar, the Lakhdata of Punjab, a historical personage. Hazrat syed sakhi Zain ul Abideen ra, the earliest sufi saint of eminence, spent many years in Madina Munawara.The holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (may peace be upon him) appeared in a dream and instructed him to proceed towards the"Asian Subcontinent" to convince the people to the right path, preach or spread the teachings of Islam.Hazrat syed sakhi Zain ul Abideen ra practiced austerities and prayers in Shahkot to reshape the sacred in society, people in millions were converted to Muslim. The great sufi saints paternal genealogy is directly related ten generations up with Ameer ul Momeneen (commander of the faithful) hazrat Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (Karam Allah Wajhu), thus he is a direct descendant of the holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (may peace be upon him).The name Zain ul Abideen was selected by his father hazrat Syed Umar R.A.due to the deep love and devotion with Imam Zain ul Abideen (A.S). The great Sufi Saint was famous for his generosity, redress the misery of those in distress, fulfill the needs of the helpless by distributing everything to the poor and needy persons.Due to the essence of generosity, hazrat syed sakhi Zain ul Abideen ra and his descendants later known as sakhi (Bountiful chief).Annual Urs festival is celebrated with great fervour on the month of July every year. Contemporary saint. Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A."Ghaus-ul-Azam".Hazrat Moin ud din chishti R.A."Khawaja ghareeb nawaz". DETAILS. OBJECT TYPE. Seal DESCRIPTION. Syed Zain ul Abideen Shah"Sultan Sarwar" INSCRIPTION SCRIPT. Arabic (nasta‘liq variant) INSCRIPTION TECHNIQUE. Engraved DATE PERIOD. AD 1248 TIME PERIOD. A D 13th century GEOGRAPHY. South Asian Subcontinent CULTURE PERIOD. Islamic MEDIUM. brass, incised SHAPE. Circular with three bands of inscription CONDITION. Extremely fine, extremely rare and historically important FOOTNOTES The inscription reads:Syed Zain ul Abideen Shah"Sultan Sarwar".Circular seal with nasta‘liq inscription and floral decoration.A date in Islamic figures beneath.Three bands of script (nasta‘liq) with dots.Two concentric lines follow the shape of the face.On the ground there are small flower heads consisting of dots. Relics of the sufi saints strengthens spiritual beliefs and give comfort to people in tough times.The holy seal is a precious asset, extremely rare, a genuine piece regarding the sacred relics of the early Islamic saints. Views: 2902